Classic 8 Conference Champions: 2012, 2013, 2017, 2018
Suburban Park Conference Champions: 1987, 1988
SECTIONAL CHAMPIONS: 1988, 2008, 2013
REGIONAL CHAMPIONS: 1981, 1983, 1986, 1988, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2018

Notable Alumni

Joe Randa: After helping KM to the 1988 state championship, Randa spent 12 seasons in the Major Leagues playing for the Kansas City Royals, Pittsburgh Pirates, Detroit Tigers, Cincinnati Reds and San Diego Padres. Randa finished with 1,543 career hits and hit .284.

Ryan Rote: After graduating from KM, Rote went on to pitch at Vanderbilt University. Rote currently holds the VU record for saves in a season and the school’s career saves record.

Scott Matyas: After earning All-State honors at KM, Matyas went on to star as the University of Minnesota’s closer, setting the Big Ten Conference’s career saves record during his senior season.

All-State Lasers:
Teig Chase (2017: Honorable Mention Utility)
Josh Kolb (2017: Honorable Mention Outfielder)
Keith Koehn (2013: First Team Infielder)
Dom Nabak (2013: Honorable Mention Outfielder)
Austin Wolf (2013: Honorable Mention Pitcher)
Austin Finn (2012: Honorable Mention Pitcher)
Justin Yute (2012: Honorable Mention Catcher)
Scott Sayles (2012: Honorable Mention Infielder)
Dylan Grove (2012: Honorable Mention Outfielder)
Dalton Grove (2010: 2nd Team Outfielder)
Scott Matyas (2004: 1st Team Pitcher)
Joe Randa (1988: 1st Team Third Baseman)
Mike Fink (1979: 3rd Team Shortstop)

Lasers Currently Playing College Baseball:
Robbie Dombrowski – St. Norbert College
Brady Durni – Carroll University
Jonah Nosek – Triton College
Gunner Amelunk – Wisconsin Lutheran College
Jason Abatto – UW-Whitewater
Cullen Weiss – Iowa Central Community College 

2018 Lasers Classic Eight All-Conference:
Senior Nathan Strelka – Classic 8 Player of the Year
Senior Kyle Abatto – 1st team
Senior Max Herro – 1st team
Senior Teig Chase – 2nd team
Senior Josh Kolb – 2nd team
Senior Brandon Ausprung – Honorable Mention
Junior Peyton Hart – Honorable Mention
Junior Mark Herold – Honorable Mention

2017 Lasers Classic Eight All-Conference:
Senior Jason Abatto – 1st team
Senior Cullen Weiss – 1st team
Junior Kyle Abatto – 1st team
Junior Teig Chase – 1st team
Junior Max Herro – 1st team
Junior Josh Kolb – 2nd team
Junior Nathan Strelka – 2nd team
Senior Matthew Trafton – Honorable Mention
Senior Christian Ishag – Honorable Mention
Junior Brandon Ausprung – Honorable Mention

2016 Lasers Classic Eight All-Conference:
Senior Jonah Nosek – 2nd Team
Junior Jason Abatto – 2nd Team
Sophomore Kyle Abatto – 2nd Team
Senior Jacob Varick – Honorable Mention
Sophomore Nathan Strelka – Honorable Mention
Sophomore Teig Chase – Honorable Mention

2015 Lasers Classic Eight All-Conference:
Sophomore Zach Metsa – Honorable Mention
Sophomore Tanner Smith – Honorable Mention

2014 Lasers Classic Eight All-Conference:
Senior Matt Melbye – 1st Team
Senior Jake Pohlman – 1st Team
Senior Robbie Dombrowski – 2nd Team
Senior Sam Huskisson – Honorable Mention
Senior Brady Durni – Honorable Mention

2013 Lasers Classic Eight All-Conference:
Junior P Austin Wolf- 1st Team
Junior C Robbie Dombrowski – 1st Team
Senior INF Keith Koehn- 1st Team
Senior UTIL Dom Nabak- 1st Team
Junior INF Matt Melbye- 2nd Team
Junior OF Jake Pohlman- 2nd Team
Junior INF Sam Huskisson- Honorable Mention
Junior UTIL Brady Durni- Honorable Mention
Junior OF Chris Trafton- Honorable Mention                             

2012 Lasers Classic Eight All-Conference:
Senior C Justin Yute- 1st Team
Senior P Austin Finn- 1st Team
Senior INF Scott Sayles- 1st Team
Senior OF Dylan Grove- 1st Team
Senior INF Cory Ott- 2nd Team
Junior UTIL Keith Koehn- 2nd Team
Junior OF Dom Nabak- 2nd Team
Soph 1B Robbie Dombrowski- Honorable Mention                                                                         

2011 Lasers Classic Eight All-Conference:
Senior OF Brian Ladd- 1st Team
Junior P Austin Finn- 2nd Team
Junior INF Scott Sayles- 2nd Team
Junior INF Cory Ott- Honorable Mention
Junior OF Dylan Grove- Honorable Mention
Junior C Justin Yute- Honorable Mention                                                                            

2010 Lasers Classic Eight All-Conference:
Senior UTIL Dalton Grove- 1st Team
Senior P Matt Leslie- 2nd Team
Senior OF David Hayden- 2nd Team
Junior INF Kurtis Koehn- 2nd Team
Senior P Nate Freeman- Honorable Mention
Senior C James Gattas- Honorable Mention

2009 Lasers Classic Eight All-Conference:
Senior UTIL Brent Williams- 1st Team
Senior P Ben Rademacher- 2nd Team
Senior OF Chris Hayden- 2nd Team
Senior INF David Galando- Honorable Mention
Freshman C Justin Yute- Honorable Mention

2008 Lasers Classic Eight All-Conference:
Senior 1B Casey Casper- 1st Team
Senior C Fred Gromalak- 1st Team
Senior OF Cody Smith- 1st Team
Junior 3B David Galando- 2nd Team
Senior P Mike Meidenbauer- Honorable Mention
Senior 2B Paul Trupke- Honorable Mention
Sophomore UTIL Dalton Grove- Honorable Mention

2007 Lasers Classic Eight All-Conference:
Junior C Fred Gromalak- 1st Team
Senior 3B Dave Hellman- Honorable Mention
Junior OF Cody Smith- Honorable Mention
Junior DH Kyle Calhoun- Honorable Mention
Sophomore CF Brent Williams- Honorable Mention

2006 Lasers Classic Eight All-Conference:
Senior 1B Scott Matyas- 2nd Team
Senior 2B Ryan Solberg- 2nd Team
Senior P Blake Rowe- 2nd Team
Sophomore CF Niko Kapetanovic- 2nd Team
Senior P Jeremy Millichap- Honorable Mention
Senior SS Andy Williams- Honorable Mention
Junior DH Jeff Zajdel- Honorable Mention

2005 Lasers Classic Eight All-Conference:
Junior Scott Matyas 1st Team Pitcher
Junior Ryan Solberg 2nd Team Infielder
Junior Blake Rowe Honorable Mention Outfielder
Junior Kyle Rogan Honorable Mention Utility

2004 Lasers Classic Eight All-Conference:
Sophomore Scott Matyas 1st Team Pitcher
Senior Tim Holland 1st Team Outfielder
Junior Brandon Wagner 2nd Team 3rd Baseman
Junior Neil Harder Honorable Mention 1st Baseman
Senior Jake Strand Honorable Mention Middle Infielder


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